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The book by Shobha Bonore is a small and quick read which has 5 chapters or stories of big businessmen who started from mere small capital and over the period of time became tycoons. 

This book beautifully presents the risk taking attribute and capability of Gujarati people and their life to some extent. The book also has a Foreward by Narendra Modi and Introduction by Amitabh Bachchan. The five business stories are inspiration for anyone who wants to start business or a budding entrepreneur. 

She took her three main stories and entrpremeurs from Diamond Industry , Motel Industry , Insurance Industry.

My Years in pakistan prison

I have read this book back to back in 3 days time. This is a story of Kishori Lal Sharma , recruited by a secret organisation formed during early 60's & late 70's. The main agenda of the organisation was to get more information across Pakistan Border. Kishori lal was inducted in the MI wing in 1960's and then was deputed to pakistan for gathering information. After one or two successful missions he was captured by Pakitani Army and was subjected to brutal torture and inhumane treatment. 

This book is written by the man himself who was after 8 years of extreme living in various prisons of pakistan was finally handed over to Indian Authorities. 

Book is quite interesting and can give you insights of the condition of India - Pakistan relations during India - Pakistan War before and after. Some how I find book quite lengthy and at times author has filled it with un contextual information to fill pages. 

The conversation author had with the inmates or the jail authorities are duplicated first in Punjabi and then translated in english which was not necessary in my opinion.

It can be quite an interesting read for weekend or travel. I have given this book three starts on good read as there is quite scope of improvement. 

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