Gadget freak

I am a gadget freak &  own following things

1. Xbox Setup

My Xbox Setup has 4 wireless controllers , XBox 360 250 GB Black Edition with a rechargable batteries , steering wheel a kinect. I own a 50 Games collection of different genre like first person shooting , racing , strategy and arcade. To name few I have Hitman 3 Contracts , GTA 4 , GTA 5 , Need for speed Underground , Need for Seed Run. Not to Mention that this setup I received this wonderful gift from my Mother , Sister & Wife on my 27th Birthday. Its really awesome when I play games on a 178 inches screen.


2. Home Theater

I have installed a 178 inches digaonal Projection System in my Bedroom! The setup includes a HT PC with 6 Terabyte Storage which is connected with HDMI & 7.2 Speaker system. (7 Speakers and 2 Sub Woofers). The whole setup is connected with Ipad to control playback and library searching. I am using XBMC as a player.

Here are some screen shots of my Home Theater. Look at the Ceiling and Fan to get an Idea. You can also watch Video though the quality is not that much good as It's an Old Video.

home theater.jpg

Other Gadgets I own includes

3. Ipad 3

4. Iphone 4S

5. Samsung Galaxy Note

6. Mac Book Air 

7. HP 6510b 

8. HP Tablet PC 

9. Kareoke Juke Box

10. Amazon Kindle Paper White

11. Canon D1000 with 17-55 & 10-20 Lenses

12. Acer Net Book 11.1 Inches

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