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My research Journey started way back in 90’s when I was working on various science fair projects. Since then I was able to contribute immensely in field of Science , Arts and Open Source technologies. This web page is an effort to revive my research in search of an alternative fuel i.e Acetylene to be used in automobile engines. In early 2000's I was working on one project related to electrolysis and went there at the oxyacetylene welder shop. There I saw welder putting white stones (Calcium Carbide) with water in the tank and started oxy acetylene welding. That day was Eureaka for me and I started to think on the lines of using this white stone as a fuel in auto engines.

I started working on the concept of using Acetylene as a fuel in internal combustion engine. I started my work and finally was able to run a Hero Honda 1998 Model  4Stroke bike on acetylene. I made certain changes in intake manifold and carburettor and invented a different mechanism to enable a better combustion. For this I received several awards. You can look atmy Awards on the Awards Section of this website.. I have been interviewed by several news papers and channels , I have also represented in National Science Congress and Intel Science and discovery fair. More information about this can read on the Press Coverage Section of this website.

I have also patented this part of my invention way back in 2001. The complete process ihas three stages which includes generation and storage in the firt stage , Moisture removal and pressure formation in the second , Regulating the supply of constant pressure and supplying it for combustion in the third. 

After that I went ahead with my studies and in mean while completed M.S from BITS-Pilani , Rajasthan & joined Honda Siel Cars India in their Information Technology division. Where I had a vast exposure to the production system & Information technology domain. I acquired a thorough knowledge about car manufacturing process. 

Now recently in 2013 Jan.  I have started and revived my research on this alternative fuel and technology MANI-VS ( Multiple Fuel Automated Nibbled Integrated Vehicle System). Where in I made specific changes in Maruti 800 Intake manifold and tries to install it on 800cc engine & I proved to be successful. For the Version 2.0 of my invention I have already applied for the modifications in my earlier patent and applied for a new patent for the complete apparatus which can enable any vehicle to convert onacetylene. 

In the meantime , I am gathering statistical data & perfomring further experiments to calculate fuel efficiency and power factor for the said fuel. I have also submitted some research papers in International journal's for which I am waiting for their approval and publishing go ahead. 

This web site is for the intellectuals  who want to research more in this field and want to know advancements in my research. Currently I am performing extensive self sponsored  research on the said topic in my own workshop in Delhi. In case you are interested to be part of this research of want to sponser it then you are most welcome. You can get more information about my project work and its progress on other parts of this webpage.

I can be contated @[AT]GMAIL.COM

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