My Family 

A small Family Tree showing My Grandfather Chandgi Ram Kaushik & his sons including my Father Ashwani Kaushik.

My Father , Ashwani Kaushik 

My Father's Name is Ashwani Kaushik (1960 - 1996) & He was a Business Man & was enagaed in Transport & Real Estate Business . He was also a great traveller of his times. In 1980's he toured South East Asia. 

Here is one video which I have dedicated to my father on 2014's Father's Day.

My Mother , Sudesh Kaushik 

My Mother , Sudesh Kaushik is a chemistry Teacher in S.M Arya Public School Punjabi Bagh. She is having more than 28 years of teaching experience & had received more than 8 Awards for being Best Teacher. She was graduated from Delhi University and had done her B.Ed from C.I Delhi University. 

sudesh kaushik.jpg

Image - Extreme Left - My Mother (Sudesh Kaushik) , Middle - My Mother's Mother (Basanti Gautam)

My Younger  Sister , Urvashi Kaushik 

She has done her Graduation from Delhi University in Psychology Discipline and then persued her Masters of Science from Guru Jambshewar Univerisity Campus. She also have few Post Graduate Diplomas in Child Counselling & Psychological disorders. Currently she is working with PCTI Group as an Assistant Psychologist and engaged in Training and Counselling Acitivites all over India. 

ANshul & Urvashi.jpg

Image - Me with My Sister

My Wife , Manika Kaushik 

She is Phd. from Delhi University in Chemistry discipline and has more than 4 years experience in teaching delhi university. She has taught in Mirinda House , Ramjas College , Dault Ram College & Hansraj College. Currently she is Assistant Professor in Hansraj College & conducting research in Nano Technology. She has more than 10 research papers published in field of chemistry. You can visit her page here for more information. 


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