RC Toys & aero-modelling

Here is my Radio Controlled Collection of Trucks , Cars , Airplanes & Helicopters. Some of Them I have build from starting including cutting of EPO sheets electronics installation of other components like ESC , Landing Gear etc… 

I love to fly and bash my cars for this RC activity I have identified a flying and driving feild near Sector 24 Rohini and its just 2 kms from Rithala Metro Station. I visit there almost every weekend to enjoy this hobby. If you want to experience it then please contact and come , It would be a hell lot of fun!! You all are most welcome. 

Here is the List of RC Toy I have  :-

1. Slow Flyer Yellow CUB 

2. Slow Flyer White Cub (Self Made)

3. 30 Amp 4 Nos. ESC

4. Organge TX/RX 4 Nos.

5. Slow Flyer Training Plane

6.Hoggs Airplane 

7. Small 2 Ch Park Flyer

8 Helicopters 4 Nos Including a Syma & A Outdoor Red Bull

9  2s & 3S Lipo Batteries 20 Nos. 

10 Two Small Self Made 1S lipo Planes

11 Hobby Kind Electric Truck 1/12 Scale

12 Traxxs Nitro Powered Buggy with speed 80kmph!!!

And Other Stuff related to RC like glow plug ignitors , chargers , balancers , Binding Cables etc..

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