Dr. Anshul Kaushik

About Me

I am a computer scientist, an Alumni of BITS Pilani, turned fund manager with over 18 years of experience in industry. During my career span I have researched extensively on various technologies related to engineering , power automotive & financial sectors. My recent work on Artificial Neural Networks is a ground breaking work in the financial domain. This invention enabled me to launch a small Quantitative Investment Fund.

  • Books Authored3
  • Research Publications5
  • Awards 35
  • Patent1
  • HFT Models Developed20

What I Do

Financial Modelling & Fund Management

The statistical models invented by me are being used for trading equity, futures ,commodities & crypto Markets to generate consistent profits from the markets.


I am also actively involved in providing various consulting services. Some of my clients includes various power utility companies and AI based startups.

Research & Development

I am actively engaged in research work and publications in the field of algorithmic trading and computing.

Education & Training

I love to share my knowledge with the curious souls. Some of the trainings I have provided in the past were related to computer security, Forensics, AIX operating system, Ethical Hacking and Price Action based training for trading markets.


Serious Facts

Trading Systems Coded


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New Delhi


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